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Buqin XU

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working on pressure...


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Tinted Cubes ...


February 2019, Sorbonne Université

Magnetic molecular switches: From their synthesis to their integration into hybrid (nano)materials

After her PhD, Amina joined the Moltech lab at Angers (FR) to work with S. Goeb


December 2017, Univ. Paris 6

Soluble cyanide-bridged cubes: Structure, (photo)magnetism and redox behaviour

After his PhD Juan has joined the group of C. Piguet in Geneva

Siddhartha DE

January 2016, Univ. Paris 6

NMR spectroscopy as a tool for studying Molecular Magnetic Materials

After his PhD, Sidd accepted a first post-doc RA position in Bordeaux-FR in Clérac's group, then a second one in Lyon-FR with Dr A. Fatevaa

Delphine GARNIER

July 2015, Karlsruhe Inst. Tech - Univ. Paris 6

Open-shell Coordination Compounds based on Cyanide and Scorpionate Ligands  (cotutelle KIT - Paris6)

After her PhD, Delphine joined the University of Stuttgart and accepted afterwards an Engineer position at the Univ. Strasbourg-FR

Abhishake MONDAL

July 2013, Paris

Switchable Molecular Magnetic Materials

After his PhD, Abhi joined the group of A. Powell (KIT) and then the group of R. Clérac (Bordeaux). He is now Assistant Professor at the IISc Bangalore, India


just started

electro-active molecular materials

Dr Yanling Li , Research Ingeener, CNRS

Yanling, CNRS Research Engineer, got involved in the magnetic study of molecular systems as she joined the lab in 2004. She has become en expert in photomagnetic measurments and she is now developping a research axis on the effect of pressure on switchable Charge Transfer systems.

Learn more about Yanling here

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